Cold Brew

1. Measure the Coffee Use a scale to measure out 1 cup (85 grams) of [...]

Stovetop (Moka Pot)

Preparation: - Ensure all parts of the moka pot (bottom chamber, filter basket, and top [...]


With this recipe, we’re aiming to extract the espresso in 28-32 seconds with a total [...]

Cafetiere / French Press

For this recipe, we're using 15g of coffee for 250ml of coffee. • Coffee: 15g [...]


For this recipe, we're using 30g of coffee for 500ml of water. • Coffee: 30g [...]

V60 Drip

1. Prepare all ingredients and equipment 2. Heat brewing water to 97°C..

Inverted Aeropress

1. Prepare the AeroPress - Insert a paper filter into the AeroPress filter cap. Rinse [...]

Empowering Lives: Coffee World’s Gift of Clean Water to Island Muslim Girls Orphanage

Earlier this year, our hearts were touched by the story of Mama Shakira and the [...]

Cooking Up Change: Coffee World Change’s Journey to Empower Tawfiq Orphanage

With limited resources and traditional East African coal stoves, Mama Shakira struggled to keep up [...]

Coffee World Change Sends Boxes filled with clothes, shoes and football boots to Tawfiq Orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania

We have been a little bit quiet on the Coffee World Change front, not because [...]

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