Cafetiere (French Press) Brew Guide

Equipment and Ingredients

  • Cafetiere
  • Mug or Cup
  • Coffee beans (freshly roasted)
  • Coffee Scales
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Water

For this recipe, we’re using 15g of coffee for 250ml of water.

  • Coffee: 15g (coarse grind)
  • Water: 250ml
  • Temperature for coffee extraction: Between 93-96 degrees.
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1. Prepare all ingredients and equipment

2. Heat brewing water to 97°C

3. Ensure cafetiere is clean and pre-warm with hot water. Dispose of water when vessel is warm.

4. Grind the coffee at coarse grind (granulated sugar)

5. Add 15g ground coffee to cafetiere

6. Place cafetiere on scale and reset to zero

7. Add 250ml of water to cafetiere in a circular motion, ensuring all grinds are immersed

8. Stir 3 times

9. Add plunger to top of cafetiere and allow to brew for 3:00 minutes

10. At 3:00 take the plunger out and gently stir 3 times. Skim off top layer of coffee with two tablespoons and dispose.

11. Place the plunger back on and brew until 6:00 minutes

12. At 6:00, plunge until the mesh filter is touching the surface of the coffee in the cafetiere

13. Decant all the brew into a carafe or warm cups to prevent further extraction

14. Enjoy

Tips for Optimization

Experiment with grind, timings and volumes for an optimum brew.

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