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Jamaica Blue Mountain

High in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains lies the birthplace of one of the worlds finest coffees.

Blue Mountain
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Coffee of the month

Roasters Choice

Our roasters choice is constantly changing depending on harvest and season.
We’ve selected our Rwanda Inzovu and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe for our Espresso and Filter coffees of the month.

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We’re excited to bring to you Blue Mountain, Manos Juntas and the Kayon Mountain. Now available to purchase online.

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Blue Mountain

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Manos Juntas

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Kayon Mountain

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We’ve carefully selected coffees to go into these bundles, suiting your taste-profile.
Now you can try more coffee and excite those taste-buds!

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Fairtrade Artisan

The 100% Fairtrade Artisan is our most popular blend for espresso, and there’s no doubt why!

Fairtrade Artisan

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Gain a new level of understanding and knowledge for your morning coffee and learn how the pros do it

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